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Friday, September 19, 2014

Tips To Be Safe While Traveling Alone

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Have you ever put off your trek only in light of the fact that you are apprehensive about voyaging alone? Do you adore voyaging alone however are just overpowered when you envision yourself voyaging in solitude abroad or even in your nation? In the course of the most recent five years, Ordinary Traveler has developed to turn into one of the top endeavor and extravagance travel writes on the planet. Our site coddles a prosperous and captivated gathering of people of commonplace individuals who need to get the most out of their excursion time. Our pursuers really arrange and buy the treks seen on Ordinary Traveler, notwithstanding ceaselessly offering our substance over the majority of the top social networking stages - including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+. 

The world is a long way from being an alarming or hazardous spot. It is, despite what might be expected, indeed. You are a great deal more inclined to falling into inconvenience at home than while voyaging on the off chance that you take after some direction: 

1. Think Back as frequently as possible 

Make a propensity of thinking again as frequently as possible. Voyaging is truly diverting and therefore you are inclined to abandoning one or two things on the bistro table or in the restaurant. Losing your credit or check cards or even your coat can make inconvenience for you. 

2. Separate All Sources of Money 

It is safe to say that you are in the propensity of convey all wellsprings of cash together? Never do that while voyaging. Keep no less than one of them in a better place. It is better not to convey all of them in individual. On the off chance that you lose your cards on the way, it is hard to get substitutions. Being without cash is surely not fun. 

3. Never Carry Your Wallet in Back Pocket 

Keep your wallet in the front pocket to evade pickpockets. You can likewise utilize within pocket of your coat. There are additionally cash cinches accessible that hang inside shirts or you can wrap round the waist. Verify they are waterproof since you may sweat or get totally doused while voyaging. 

4. Examine All Available Travel Document 

Examine all your significant archives and mail them to yourself. It was photocopy in the recent past. Presently we are in a computerized world so check your reports. 

5. Pick Destinations with Care 

Behavior scrutinize on the objective before you gather your sacks and begin voyaging. Use online data to discover how protected the spot is. All the spots accompany a risk. So weigh the danger of every terminus before you choose them. In the event that you are setting out to a remote end, you have to know where the consulate is. Discover whether there will be any celebration amid that time. Probably these occasions are incredible; however you have to recollect that on the off chance that you don't book lodgings ahead of time, you may fall into inconvenience in merry seasons. 

6. Maintain a strategic distance from Cultural Faux Pas 

Each terminus has it particular set of customs and traditions. Despite the fact that inundating self into merriments and social custom is one of the most ideal approaches to take in more about convention and society, make strides not to submit an aggravation. Regardless of the possibility that a signal shows up completely ordinary to you, it may not appear to be so to the locals. 

7. Note All Local Emergency Numbers 

You have to have some contact numbers put away in your telephone. Spare the quantity of your government office (in the event that you are voyaging abroad), the neighborhood police and also fire stations and closest restorative offices.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Best Technologically Equipped Cars

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It's quite amazing how car technology is quickly advancing. This is not only to save the auto industry from collapsing, but also because advanced technology may also save a lot of lives on the road. The following are among best technologically equipped cars today 

BMW 7 Series
This has cameras mounted on its sides, rear and front of the vehicles for some 360-degree view. Its front camera may detect animals and passengers using night vision and alerting the driver to potential danger with some yellow highlight. Similar camera, mounted close to the driver's mirror may also read road signs, and alert the driver about speed limit.
Mercedes E-350
Though this car cannot read road signs, it's equipped with similar camera system to BMW Series. The car will alert you about pedestrians on the road. E-350 may determine when you are too long, and alert you through using attention assist feature. This car basically uses 7 variables. These include how long you have been driving, and when you are frequently changing lanes.
Opel (Vauxhall)
Similar to the BMW 7 series, this car may read road signs employing a camera that's mounted close to the rear-view mirror. Opel Insignia, for European road signs, compares scanned images some 300 meters from it, at around 30 frame captures each second against a big database of licit road signs, and then reports the speed to the driver. This is helpful on long road trips, or in places there are numerous road signs.
Volvo XC60
This car is amazing in that it employs adaptive cruise control -a normal driver assistance system slowing the car and speeding it up again based on traffic-but at speeds that are less than 10 miles per hour. Its City Safety feature employs infrared camera in order to detect vehicles. When you are driving, this car is able to detect another vehicle, and it will automatically slow down.
Infiniti M
Infiniti created the lane-keeping system that's now common on majority of vehicles which alerts you when you depart from your lane. This car basically nudges you gently back to your original lane. A new air control system may detect gases or odors in it, and automatically close outside vents, re-circulating interior air at the same time.
Volkswagen Jetta TDI sips fuel
Majority of technology in this car is under the hood and not inside passenger compartment. It employs unique clean diesel engine for best fuel economy on the road. Its engine uses some electronically controlled turbo charger, and fuel injection system which more accurately will direct to the engine when compared to other vehicles.
Acura ZDX
Driving should be fun, particularly during long trips. This car boasts of the most technologically advanced sound system. It has 10 speakers with a total of 435 watts. The sound system is measured precisely so that you may hear each lick and cymbal tick.
Chrysler Grand Caravan
 It's not new having live television in a car. With FLO TV that was developed by Qualcomm, this car has access to a much broader TV channels selection. This includes each major network, Disney movies and sports channels. The service additionally employs a multi-cast digital signal which makes it have better quality. With the advance of car technology, it's only right that drivers should acquaint themselves with latest technologies. This is why practical driving test is vital in ensuring that the drivers may safely drive on different traffic and road conditions and be conversant with the Highway Code, and may show this through his or her driving ability.

Best Romantic Getaways in India

India offers selection of fine hotels and heavenly beaches most appropriate for a romantic getaway. Whether you just want to spend some time together or there is some occasion, India has an extensive choice for romantic vacation spots. 

1) Coorg, Karnataka: Located in the lap of mountains, lush teak forests and coffee plantations is Coorg. The Kodagu region of Karnataka is often referred to as Coorg. The place is incredibly picturesque with alluring mountains and lush green forests. Coorg is also called the 'Scotland of India' or 'Kashmir of South' because of its scenic beauty. The region is popular for its coffee plantations. Coffee loving couples will find great satisfaction by visiting this place. Imagine getting out of bed with your loved ones every morning in the valleys of coffee plantation, to the fresh aroma of coffee. A highlight of the Coorg is Abbey Falls, the most romantic spot in Coorg near the town of Madikeri. The really romantic thing about Coorg is that you can stay right amongst the coffee plantations. Resorts at this area are idyllic and isolated property on the plantation grounds with swimming pools and private pool villas. Tour of the plantations are offered by the resorts that can be enjoyed with your loved one
2) Kerala: Beaches in Kerala are the most romantic locations of the state. It is preferred by the couples as they can enjoy leisure holiday as well as indulge in several fun packed adventure sports. Go for a walk with your love along the coastlines and enjoy the breath-taking view from the beach. Kerala resorts lined up across the beaches provide rejuvenation therapy which is also a unique experience in Kerala. The hills of Munnar and Wayanad are also the best destinations to spend some quality time with your love. The rich flora and fauna of the place, tea plantations, orange plantations and tempting attractions cannot be described in words. Comfort and luxury provided in the resorts and hotels of Munnar and Wayanad give couples the best of their experience.
3) Shimla, Himachal Pradesh: Shimla, is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, a state in India. It is situated in the foothills of Himalayas. It's really a blissful hill station from Northern India and attracts visitors from around-the-world. It has managed to emerge as the most desired romantic getaway in India. Its interesting destinations, tourist locations, beautiful sights, cool & cheer weather and pleasant environment has made it a romantic heaven for couples. Endowed with copious nature beauty and romantic ambiance, Shimla also is favourite destination of honeymooners or newlyweds. In Shimla, Mall road, located in the heart of Shimla, is the busiest place area of the city with hotels, restaurants, shops, recreation centres, offices etc. When you walk around Mall road, you will have the opportunity to see some beautiful colonial structures. Colonial Church, Jakhoo Hill, Chadwick falls are the places to must visit with your partner. The best hotel to stay in Shimla is the Oberoi's luxurious Wildflower Hall hotel. The place is perfect for a couples or honeymooners.
4) Goa:Goa is a hit amongst the travelling destinations in India because this smallest state of India has a lot to offer. From the romantic beaches, natural beauty, fun and entertainment, Goa has something for everyone. Enjoy company of your love amidst romantic ambiance of the beach. Its attractions include beautiful beaches, night life, carnivals, flora, historical monuments and adventure sports. In Goa, beaches like Anjuna, Varca, Benaulim and Dona Paula are soaked in romantic aura and offer a peaceful environment. It is easy to get Indian Visa in almost every season. Goa is a perfect place to visit for anyone who wants to spend some time alone with their partners or want to have a fun-filled adventurous holiday with them.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mumbai's Parsi Cafes

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Mumbai is a city that is proud of its diverse cuisine and culture. This bustling city, which is the fourth most populous in the world, is every Indian's urban dream. The Mumbaikars (the name often given to the city's residents) are extremely passionate about their local cuisine in all its diverse glory.

One such culinary culture that has been part of life in Mumbai is the city's Parsi cafes. These grand cafes started opening during the 19th century by Parsi settlers (Zoroastrians from Iran) and during their peak there were more than 500 of them dotted across the city. Many of them starting out as tea stalls and growing in size. The majority were family businesses, and still are, but the numbers have dwindled. Today, there are less than 20 of these cafes left in the city.

The reason so many of these cafes are no longer open is because the next generation are not interested in running the business. Instead they want jobs that pay well or want to go overseas. In fact, it seems unlikely that many of these cafes will exist once the current owners pass away.

One of the last remaining cafes in the southern part of the city is Britannia and Co Restaurant. This culinary institution has faded décor and peeling paint on the walls, but that just adds to its charm. Britannia and Co is open for lunch from Monday to Saturday and attracts a diverse crowd. As with all Parsi cafés, Britannia is completely inclusive; there is no discrimination around class, gender, background or religion - a nod to their Zoroastrian roots.

The current owner of the business, Boman Kohinoor has worked here for 75 years. Now over 90, he may well be one of the oldest working waiters, but he's not showing any signs of retiring just yet. Bomas has been serving the café's signature dishes ever since he was 16 years old. The most famous of which is chicken berry pulaos - a sweet-sour dish made of pilau rice, chicken, barberries, cashews, caramelised onions and a deliciously spiced sauce. It is the barberries that make this dish so unique. Similar to cranberries crossed with pomegranate, these berries are imported from Iran. Another dish on the must-try list is the crème caramel.

Parsi dishes are renowned for their bold flavours, mild levels of spice and use of dried fruits. Many Parsi recipes use meat such as chicken and mutton, but fish and eggs are also popular. Dishes are generally served with rice and flavoured with classic Indian spices.

If this has whetted your appetite for a taste of authentic Parsi cuisine then head to London's oldest fine dining Indian restaurant, overlooking Regent Street. You will be able to choose from a range of dishes from across India. These dishes are cooked from recipes dating back many years, and each dish has its own unique appeal - from rich and hearty to light and contemporary, you can take your pick. And enjoy every mouthful.

It's All In The Name

There are certain foods and drinks that will always be associated with specific places. Champagne is one such example. It is not champagne (or at least cannot be called champagne) unless it comes from the region in France called… you've got it, Champagne. Melton Mowbray pork pies are another case in point. Named after the town in Leicestershire, they can only carry the Melton Mowbray label if they have been made within the designated zone around Melton, using uncured pork and following the traditional recipe.

It is the system of geographical indication (GI) that acts as the guardian of these particular products of specific origin. Added to the list of foodstuffs that are protected by GI you will find a number that originate in India. Here we take a look at some of the food items that have been awarded the highly coveted 'badge of honour'.

Darjeeling Tea
This was the first product in India to be awarded GI status. Only tea that has been cultivated, grown, produced, manufactured and processed in tea gardens in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal can bear the name. It is available in black, green, white and oolong versions and unlike most other Indian teas uses the small-leaved Camellia Sinensis variety hailing from China. It was with seeds stolen from China that a civil surgeon started experimenting with tea plantations in Indian in 1841 - and the rest is history.

Kangra Tea
Less well-known (and often compared to Darjeeling) is Kangra Tea, produced in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh in North-West India. Another example of tea plantations using Chinese or Chinese-hybrid plants, Kangra Tea was first cultivated here in 1852. Kangra Tea is gold in colour and has a sweet undertone (unlike the sharper taste of Darjeeling).

Dharwad Pedha
Head to the state of Karnataka and you find yourself in the home of dharwad pedha, bite-sized sweet treats that have put the city of Dharwad on the culinary map. Such is the luxurious taste of these sweets that it is hard to believe they are made with nothing but milk and sugar. The exact recipe is a fiercely guarded secret, but the milk is cooked down and sweetened, and the resulting thickened mixture is then rolled in powdered sugar.

Hyderabadi Haleem
Haleem is a thick stew made using meat and lentils. It was originally an Arabic dish but was introduced to Hyderabad during the rule of the Nizams. By the 19th century, and with the addition of local spices, the dish had its own unique characteristics and was popular across the state. The Hyderabadi Haleem has often been compared to the world famous Hyderabadi biryani, but is one of the traditional dishes served at weddings and other celebrations. It was the first non-vegetarian dish to be awarded GI status in India in 2010.

Another place you can find great food is at one of London's popular Indian brasseries. Serving wonderful plates of authentically cooked Indian snacks, curries, sweets and more, the food is hard to beat.


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